Labouré & Your Discernment


At Labouré we recognize that discerning a vocation is a complex and beautiful adventure, not a straight path from start to finish. If you have reached the point in your own discernment where you have been ‘conditionally accepted’ – meaning that you will be allowed to enter formation upon the removal of your student loans  –  to a diocese or religious community, Labouré may be able to help. 


The Labouré Society exists to help men and women follow God’s call to enter formation and pursue their vocation. We do this by offering a proven program that remediates the number one obstacle to vocations: student loan debt.  If student loan debt is an obstacle for you as you discern a vocation, please reach out to us


The Labouré aspirant program, while not a formal part of religious formation, is certainly a formative experience that will better prepare you for your vocation. However, we are not in the business of discernment. Throughout our program we will be there to pray for you and with you to encourage you. We will accompany you throughout the program but we leave the vocational discernment between you and your religious institution. If you have specific questions about the discernment process, we suggest that you talk with your vocation or spiritual director for guidance.